Ways to Show Someone You Love Them

I ❤ You

By Emily Tao

It is that time of year again where their love is celebrated on the holiday known as Valentine’s Day. With the beginning of the new year, this is also a time where your life starts to pick up. Therefore it can be hard to think and time manage and fit on Valentine’s Day, so here are simple ways to show someone you love them!


Asking your s/o how their day was 

I love these moment

Actively showing someone you are listening to them can mean a lot. It’s an easy way to show you actually care if you are genuinely concerned about how your partner’s day was and are interested in the conversation. Small cues such as nodding your head, actively asking follow up questions, and even smiling is a simple way to show someone you love them


Having a home-cooked meal prepared for your partner from a long day of work 

Valentine dinner_hero
Home Cooked Meals

Cooking up something nice for your partner is a fun way to change things up. The options are endless, you can make their favorite meal or even prepare something brand new! Either way, this is a fun and thoughtful thing to do for someone you love!


Simple but meaningful gifts 


It’s just a simple way of letting your significant other know that you care. It lets the person know that you are thinking about them and sending your love. Even if you only send a card, I guarantee whoever is on the receiving end will feel so excited to be getting a personal note rather than a text.


Spend quality time with your partner 

Quality Time

One of the best ways to show someone you love is setting time aside from both of your busy schedules to have genuine quality time with each other. Life moves fast and it’s nice when you have downtime to spend it with the person you love most! Creating new memories and devoting time to a person is the gift that keeps on giving.

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