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New Styles of Clothing that I’ve learned to Love While Abroad

by Maddie Hayes


During my first few weeks studying abroad there have been so many different things to experience and take in. The fashion in Europe is no exception. Here’s a list of my top five favorite clothing items that I’ve gotten to wear while abroad.


Pea Coat 

Pea Coat

While neon puffer jackets are the latest trend in the states, people in Europe tend to go for the more classic wool coat. This is a timeless, chic piece that truly makes any outfit look extremely put together. They’re super versatile and go from day to night really well, so you can wear it if you’re grabbing lunch with friends or going to a nice dinner. 




Jeans and leggings are a thing of the past when it comes to dressing in Europe. If you want to fit in with the locals, some good pairs of trousers are a must have in your wardrobe. This is where you can really play around with your look, and either go for a solid color, or a gingham, checked, or dogtooth style. If you prefer to have more basic pants, you can wear them with a fun top, or you can choose to wear fun, patterned pants with a more basic top. 


Turtle Neck

Turtle Neck

A nice turtle neck will be sure to keep you warm and fashionable throughout the colder months of the year. They can even transition into the warmer months if you choose to wear them at night when it gets a bit cooler. But for the winter, pairing a turtle neck with a pea coat is a sophisticated look that’s bound to turn heads wherever you go. 


Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots

While sneakers and sandals will always be essential parts of any shoe collection, the chelsea boot is a really unique way to spice up your outfit. They go great with pretty much any outfit, and can be worn day and night. I would definitely recommend to get a waterproof pair if you live somewhere rainy because having a cute pair of waterproof chelsea boots will be a lot cuter than rain boots for most looks. 


Crossbody Belt Bags

Crossbody Belt Bags

It’s so important to have an efficient way to get to all of your personal items especially when travelling. A crossbody belt bag is the perfect way to ensure all of your essentials, like your wallet and phone, are stored in a stylish and safe place. Having these items close to your body and right where you can see them takes the worry out of losing any of your important things. There are some more casual bags that are great for running around during the day, and nicer styles that are perfect for wearing to go out at night or for a nice dinner.

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