Distance Doesn’t Mean A Thing: How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Long-Distance

by Sara Addis


So many University of Illinois students choose to study abroad the second semester of their academic year, meaning they will have to spend Valentine’s Day apart from their significant other. Luckily, the limitations of distance don’t have to mean limits on your relationship. From 100 to 10,000 miles apart, these ten classic moves will ensure your love is heard even from across the world. 

#1. Send a hand-written note expressing your appreciation. Make sure you mail the note at least a week or two before Valentine’s Day so that it arrives in time. Include special, heartfelt comments letting your partner know much you love and appreciate your other half. 

#2. Make them a video. Whether a montage of favorite videos or a heartfelt monologue, this thoughtful idea will be sure to make them swoon. Don’t worry about using filters; your partner will appreciate your authenticity. 

#3. Show them your creative side by writing a poem on pretty stationary or, in a time crunch, send it over email. Who doesn’t love a nice rhyme to bring in the holidays? For bonus points, choose an Italian sonnet format to really tug at their heartstrings. 

#4. Make a romantic social media post expressing your affection for them. Use cute gifs to add a little flare to your photo, and don’t forget to tag them. 

#5. Make sure your partner feels extra special by sending a care package with cozy socks, chocolate, and a framed picture of you two together. This will guarantee they are cozy and comfortable for Valentine’s Day. 

#6. Send a pre-voice recorded object. Whether a teddy bear or a card, hearing your voice will be the ultimate gift for any partner. 

#7. Call ahead of time to a flower delivery shop in your partner’s area and order a dozen red roses to be delivered on Valentine’s Day. This is a classic romantic move that can still easily be achieved even when you or your partner is abroad. 

#8. Schedule a dinner date over Skype. Even though you can’t be together, sitting face-to-face on computer screens might just be the next best thing. You could even watch a movie together! 

#9. Gift them the sound of music with a Spotify or Apple music playlist made just for them. This playlist can include your favorite songs as well as songs that remind you of them. 

#10. Order an online photo book capturing the best moments with your significant other. This will also give your partner something to look at when they are missing you in the coming months. For a little extra something, make a dedication page and write them a short and sweet note.

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