5 Romance movies we love that are a must watch this Valentines day

By Haniya Ghazi


The Notebook

The Notebook

This classic Nicholas Sparks movie is a necessity on Valentine’s day but honestly it’s a must watch on any day. The combination of love and heartbreak will definitely spark the waterworks but is the perfect addition to a cozy date night in with your special someone. 


10 Things I Hate about You

10 Things I Hate about You

10 Things I Hate about You is a classic feel good love story and will be the perfect way to end your Valentine’s day celebrations. Teenage romance movies always hit different and this one is definitely on the top of the list.


When Harry Met Sally

unnamed (1)
When Harry Met Sally

This classic romance movie is definitely a must watch this Valentines Day. It perfectly strings together timeless romance with humor to create a masterpiece. It inspires the idea of unlikely pairings finding each other time and time again to realize their true love. The perfect movie for a day filled with love.

She’s the Man 

unnamed (2)
She’s the Man

If you want a movie filled with romance but also that special kick of goofiness, She’s the Man is the pick for you. It meshes a cute romantic story line, sports, and comedy in a way that will just make you want to smile. It’s the perfect feel good movie for this Valentines Day! 


Valentines Day 

unnamed (3)
Valentine’s Day

The entire premise of this movie is on Valentines Day, so what better movie to watch then this! You will love the variety of romances that this film follows and will make sure to not disappoint you and your loved one on the special day!

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