Iconic Clothing Styles of the Decade

By Haniya Ghazi


As we approach 2020 and the end of the decade, it’s fun to think back to all the unique and interesting styles that have been popular over the years. Here are some iconic clothing styles from 2010-2019.


2010: Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans


Before this decade, bootcut jeans were the popular jean style. However, during 2010, the trend switched to skinny jeans and has been a staple ever since.


2011: Fedora


2011 was a year of accessorizing. Fedoras were a huge trend during this year and were a popular addition to many celebrity outfits.


2012: Sneaker Pumps

Sneaker Pumps

2012 was the year of many trends, but one major one was sneaker pumps. Sneakers have kept their popularity all decade long, but 2012 added some heel to the classic shoe.


2013: Oversized Statement Coats

Oversized Statement Coats

This trend has kept its popularity even today, but started its reign back in 2013. The runways, everyday people, celebrities and more have all adopted this trend.


2014: Denim on Denim 


A big trend in 2014 was wearing denim on denim. Whether that mean jeans and a jean jacket or jeans and a denim shirt, it was a popular look many people adopted.


2015: Button-Up Skirts

Buttonup Skirts

This trend has stuck around throughout the years, but it became popular back in 2015. Every season was filled with this trend and could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


2016: Chokers


2016 gave rise to the choker trend that continues to be a popular accessory of choice today. Casual chokers and even fancier ones, this trend rose 233% from 2015-2016.


2017: Plaid, Florals and Print Patterns

Plaid, Florals and Print Patterns

2017 made way for checks, plaid, florals and other bold prints on all articles of clothing. We saw more floral printed pants, plaid jackets and other patterned pants and tops. 


2018: High-Waisted Pants and Boyfriend Jeans

HighWaisted Pants

High-waisted pants have taken over the fashion world by storm, and it all started in 2018.  Wide leg, skinny, boyfriend and mom jeans all contain the newly popular high-waisted feature and is what most shoppers are looking for.


2019: Animal Print

Animal Print

The biggest trend of this year has been animal prints. From cheetah to giraffe prints it has become the new closet must-have. 

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