How to Spend Your Last Moments in the 2010s

By Emily Tao


Something new
Try Something New

Try Something New

Time is coming to an end, so don’t waste it! Try something new. There is no time like now to be doing something. We only have our future and right now, so take advantage of that while you can, and try to live a life with little to no regrets. The new thing doesn’t even have to be extreme. It can just be doing something you have been wanting to do. End your last moments in the 2010s on a high note.


friends and family
Friends and Family

Take time and spend it with your friends and family

A good way to spend the last moments of the decade are with the ones who helped you get through it and stayed by your side. Appreciating those who have been with you through thick and thin will only help the relationship you have with these people and hopefully lead you to a great start to the new chapter of life, knowing you have these constants in your life.



Reflect on your decade

As the year comes to an end, it can be a good idea to look back and reflect on what has happened and look at the things you might want to change, keep the same or even improve upon. Looking back at your time spent in the decade will help you realize and reflect on the growth you’ve done. Time is going by faster than ever, and you just want to be living your best life!


open mind
Open Minded

Be open minded for the new decade to start 

It can be easy to slip into a negative mindset, but you have to remember there are so many opportunities out there for you. Look into the new decade with open eyes and an open mind. Every year begins with a fresh start, so cheers to moving on and looking at the world like it’s yours. Life is going to keep moving, so you may as well ride that ride and make the absolute most of it.

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