Editors’ Note: Decade in Review

Dear Readers,


It’s hard to believe, but we have made it to the end of an incredible decade. These past 10 years have flown by, and as fast as they’ve come and gone, we’re not ready to say goodbye without a proper nostalgic visitation of everything that has taken place. Join us in this December issue for the ultimate comprehensive decade in review.

This issue will have you wistfully wishing you could jump back a few years and relive some unforgettable memories, from a feature on old fads that changed our young lives like Webkinz to articles looking back on the clothing and beauty trends that shaped the image of society. For a good laugh, check out the piece on some of the most standout memes from the decade. You’ll be surprised how many classics you forgot about. If you’re looking for more eye-opening articles that will help you reflect, we have two pieces that go over notable events from the 2010s and one on how to spend your last moments in the decade.

Take your time exploring all these features and more in this December issue, and reminisce for as long as you can about the 2010s because they have made us who we are today.



Jack Coombs and Rachel King, co-editors

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