Thank You Letter to KAM’s

By Rachel King




Dear KAM’s,


Where do I start? 

You’re a melting pot of memories, filled with the good and the even better, the regrets and the #noragrets, the dancing and the awkward swaying. You made my sophomore year of college the wild time it was thanks to your lenient policies and your ridiculous barstool videos. 

You may not have had any seats, but who needed them when your music was always bopping? It was at KAM’s where I was reintroduced to many of my old jams, including “Waking Up in Vegas” by Katy Perry, “Temperature” by Sean Paul and “Bedrock” by Young Money and Lil Wayne. You kept me jumping all night, whether it be with my best friends or random strangers I had just met.

Your school spirit was commendable, with your iconic painting of Alma Mater (did you even go to KAM’s if you didn’t get a photo with Alma?) and your giant block I in the outdoor area. The orange and blue color scheme was a reminder of how lucky I am to go to the University of Illinois. After all, how many schools allow their students to go to the bars at 19? Not many.

If someone caught a whiff of a foul stench in the air, it was a sign you were nearby. It wasn’t a true night with you until the cesspools, otherwise known as puddles containing unidentifiable liquids, developed inches deep and bargoers were raging too hard to care. 

Last but certainly not least, I will never forget your precious blue guys. I yearn for the day I am able to drink another (or 5) to wash away my worries and make me forget all my obligations. January cannot come soon enough!

Thank you, KAM’s, for being a reliable pal when I needed a good time. I’ll miss you.



A student writing on behalf of the entire campus


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