By Jack Coombs


As a supplement to my “Thankful for U of I video,” here’s a photo gallery with some of my favorite spots around campus. Each photo represents a letter from the word “thankful.” 


T – The Quad




OK fine, starting out with the word “the” may have been too easy. However, the Main Quad on campus had to be included. 


H – Huff Hall


Huff hall-1Huff hall-2


Huff Hall hosts the most fun team to watch among all Illinois sports: the volleyball team. The fans are electric, and the team is really good. It’s an experience.


A – Alma




The Alma Mater, a symbol for our university and all those that came before use. So yes, it had to be included. 


N – Nuts


Found me


I just think the campus squirrels are hilarious. Who knows what they are up to?


K – Krannert




There are some gems going on inside of this place. Keep an eye on the schedule.


F – Foellinger




The Foellinger Auditorium is the highlight of the quad. You get sentimental looking at it, but then remember all the exams you have taken inside. 


U – Union 




And on the other side, the Illini Union, old and mighty.


L – Libraries




Love them or hate, students spend a lot of time in the library. Here’s my personal favorite, the Undergraduate Library. 


Stay thankful, U of I.

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