Random People to be Thankful For

By Maddie Hayes


There are so many people in our lives to be thankful for that we would never think of. This isn’t because we don’t care, but often because we are too busy to even think of these people and everything they do for us. Here are some people to give a little extra attention and thanks to when you see them.


Garbage Man/Woman

Taking out the garbage can sometimes seem like a daunting task, but when we finally muster up the courage to take the trash out in the freezing cold, we run back inside and forget about it until it’s time to do it again. Your garbage man/woman has to deal with this on a daily basis, and is rarely someone that gets thanked for their job. Showing them a little extra kindness when you see them can really go a long way in showing them you’re appreciative of the job they do for you. 


Starbucks Barista

It’s not uncommon to see a long line at Starbucks with the baristas working frantically behind the counter to make sure everyone has their caffeine fix. Even though they may misspell our names from time to time, they make sure that we’re all able to keep running around doing everything we need to get done. They truly fuel our fires to keep us going when we feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get all our work done.


Hair Stylist

When you’re sitting in a salon chair it can truly feel like your fate is in your hair stylist’s hands. A new haircut or color can change your whole look, and odds are you radiate that stress onto the person responsible for changing up your look. They really work so hard to make sure that we feel comfortable throughout the whole process, and will even gossip with us to pass the time. They’re on their feet all day and deserve a little extra thanks whenever you see them.



We’ve all experienced the excitement of buying something online and feeling the need to wait by the window 24/7 because we just can’t wait until it arrives. When you finally see the mailman/woman approaching with your package, it truly feels like that moment when you see your waiter bringing out your food when you’re absolutely starving. Your mailman/woman work so hard to make sure you get all of your mail and packages, even when you yourself are too lazy to leave the house.


Bus Driver

Sometimes, when you’re just too tired to walk to class, it’s way more convenient to take the bus. Bus drivers help us get to where we need to go, while also keeping us safe. They work long hours driving the same route over and over to get us to where we’re going, and are rarely thanked for what they do. So next time you’re getting off the bus, give a quick “thank you” to the driver to let them know you’re thankful for what they do.

Cover image from https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/coffee-industry-brexit-barista-shortage-cafe-eu-workers-right-stay-a8843511.html

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