Little Everyday Things to Be Thankful For 

By Kendall Job 


It is sometimes easy to miss out on recognizing the simple little things that happen in everyday life that we have to be thankful for. Here are a few of those things to remind you what to be happy about and notice when they happen to improve your mood and your gratitude for them. 


  1. Laughing with your friends 


You know that feeling of laughing so hard your eyes water and you can’t breathe? That’s one of the best feelings in the world, just being with people you love and having a moment as simple and pure as that. Even though they come and go in an instant, never fail to cherish those moments. 


  1. Sitting in class 
Sitting in Class

Those uncomfortable chairs and sometimes boring Teaching Assistant lectures aren’t all that bad when you realize how lucky you are to be sitting in a classroom with students as bright as you at one of the top universities in the entire country. Be thankful for the moments you realize where exactly you are and think about how and why you even got here in the first place. 


  1. Meaningful conversations 


Cultivating meaningful friendships and connections are some of the most inspiring moments in life. Having genuine conversations with people that go deeper than the surface can be extremely energizing and refreshing. These people and moments don’t come along often, so enjoy them when they do. 


  1. Really good hugs 
Really good hugs

You know those days when you get a bad exam grade back, miss lunch and get stuck in the rain with no umbrella? Those are sometimes so easily helped by an insanely good hug from your best friend, mom or significant other. Be appreciative of these people and realize how much of a positive impact a simple action like a hug can have on your mood. 


  1. Your bed (duh) 


This is the place that makes you late for class and gives you some of the best sleep of your life after a long day. Recognize each day that not only did you wake up healthy and refreshed, but you also woke up in a pile of pillows and blankets. It’s a magical thing to actually get good sleep, and you have your bed to thank for that. 


  1. Your favorite song 
Your favorite song

That favorite song of yours you play when you’re driving with the windows down likely gives you the most carefree and happy feeling in the world. Be thankful that this song makes you so happy, gets you through the rough days each week and reminds you how much you enjoy it each time you hear it. 


These are all simple little things to remember to enjoy when they come up in everyday life. Letting yourself miss them isn’t good because you don’t know the next time they’ll come. Take the time to be grateful for them in the moment and appreciate their presence in your life when they happen. 


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