Steps to prepare yourself to thrive from the beginning

By Haniya Ghazi and Emily Tao


Thinking about the year ahead can be a scary thing. However, if you prepare yourself and take the necessary steps you are going to have an amazing year full of success. Here are some simple steps to making sure you thrive from the beginning. 


Goal Planning


Step 1: Set realistic year long and short term goals

Setting goals from the start is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the long year ahead. Begin by setting short term goals like and then expand by to creating year long ones. By creating goals, you start the year off right with motivation and a sense of direction. 


Daily Routine

Step 2: Create a daily routine for the year 

Creating a routine that you stick to during the year is another great way to prepare yourself to thrive. Set times for doing work, spending time with friends, time for yourself, eating, working out, showering, sleeping, etc. Having a routine and daily habits makes us be more productive and have less stress. 

Meal Prep

Step 3: Meal Prep

Creating time to cook and eat can be difficult with our lives becoming busier. However, eating healthy and filling meals everyday is extremely important for our overall well being. Meal prep is a great way to prepare for each week and make sure that we stay healthy and don’t miss meals. In order to thrive in other aspects of life we need to be fueled properly, meal prep helps us get there. Start by preparing lists of recipes and ingredients for each week then make meals on the weekend for the week ahead. Use your freezer to your advantage!! 


Step 4: Buy a planner and actually use it!

A definite must have if you want to prepare yourself to thrive during the year is a planner. Write down everything that you have to do for the week. Homework, meetings, plans with friends, grocery lists, etc. All of it should be written in that master planner. Using a planner from the start and sticking to it is one of the best ways to make sure that you are prepared for each and every day and will make your life much more organized and therefore much more successful. 

These are 4 easy but beneficial steps to prepare yourself to thrive from the beginning and will set a positive precedent for the rest of the year. Let’s start this year off right!!! 


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