Songs I Was Loving for the Month of October

by Kendall Job


“Chanel” – Frank Ocean 

In general, Frank Ocean is a good chill out artist. I wasn’t always the biggest fan of his, but a friend showed me this one, and I love how he incorporates spoken parts with singing throughout the song. 


“Superlove” – Whethan ft. Oh Wonder 

The voices of Oh Wonder work really well with the cool beats Whethan makes. Both artists have a similar vibe within their music being a little bit instrumental and mesh really well together. 


“Crush” – Souly Had 

Crush is one of my favorite songs for forever. Really listening to the lyrics helps the listener understand the story he’s trying to tell. He’s consistent with storytelling in his other songs as well. 


“Baby Blue” – Rence 

This one is a really chill song with calming beats and no super distracting lyrics, so good for a study playlist. Catchy but with a calming background tune, so it won’t take away from concentration. 


“Jump for X” – Marc E. Bassey ft. 070 Shake 

Marc E. Bassey is somewhat of a chill R&B artist that also tells really good stories through his lyrics. The collab with 070 Shake meshes well with Bassey’s more calm music vibe. 


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