Sweet Treats to Cool Down Your Summer

By Rachel King


Summer is finally upon us, and with it has come the end of time-consuming assignments, pleasantly warm weather, and a thick layer of humidity. To keep yourself cool this season, prepare some refreshing desserts for your friends and family. Not only will they love you even more for it, but you get to indulge in tasty desserts all summer long!

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 10.45.10 AM
Credit: Hip2Save

One of the easiest desserts you could make this summer is ice cream sandwich cake. With all pre-made ingredients, it will take you about 10 minutes to assemble and decorate. This is ideal for a potluck treat or if you need to whip up something quick for a party that you forgot about. Simply layer some ice cream sandwiches from the store, spread Cool Whip between the layers and over the entire structure, then decorate with whatever toppings you like best. For example, you could use candy bars, M&M’s, or even ganache if you’re feeling fancy.

Strawberry Mango Popsicles

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 10.45.13 AM
Credit: Fit Life with Fran

For a healthier and more portable dessert choice, try a strawberry mango popsicle. Just buy some popsicle molds and pour in a mixture of frozen strawberries, frozen mangoes, and either water or milk. Then, freeze the filled mold for a perfect array of frozen treats ready in two hours.

DIY Coffee Ice Cream

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 10.45.16 AM
Credit: Tasteaholics

The first sweet thing people think of when they think of summer is ice cream, so try making your own coffee ice cream for a sophisticated yet delicious dessert that you don’t have to leave home for. All you need is heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, instant coffee, and vanilla extract; you don’t even need an ice cream maker! Ignore recipes that call for an ice cream maker and egg yolks, because there is a simpler way.

Lemon Bars

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 10.45.19 AM
Credit: Tastes Better from Scratch

Lemon bars taste and look like summer with their bright yellow pigment, so these are a must this season. You can make them from scratch with a decent amount of ingredients, or you can cheat a little and just buy the box mix from the grocery store. I’ve personally done this before and I think they still taste amazing, so don’t shy away from these bars if the ingredient list looks too lengthy.

Fruit Pizza

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 10.45.21 AM
Credit: Betty Crocker

There’s no doubt you’ve been eating pizza all school year long, so why not spice up your diet this summer with a fruit pizza? Its size makes it perfect for a get-together with friends, and the fruit keeps it from being as unhealthy as other desserts. You can even try theming it for the Fourth of July! All you need is an assortment of fruits, sugar cookie dough for the crust, and cream cheese frosting for the base layer, which you can make yourself or buy; it’s a very flexible recipe.


Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 10.45.23 AM
Credit: Very Best Baking

The airiness of flan with its custard foundation makes it ideal for a light summer treat, and the dulce de leche pulls the whole dessert together. Flan requires more time than some of these other desserts but has few ingredients, so it is manageable to make and good for special occasions. Just keep sugar, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, eggs, and vanilla extract on hand and you’re ready to make some flan.

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 10.45.26 AM
Credit: Lil’ Luna

Lemonade is a warm weather staple, so I can’t end this list without a lemonade-related delicacy. For those days when you have lots of time on your hands, consider making these fluffy and tart strawberry lemonade cupcakes. These will bring you back to your childhood upon your first bite. Enjoy the nostalgia and sweetness these cupcakes will become famous for.



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