Short Activities to Help You Take Breaks While Studying for Finals

By Emily Tao


Credit: Me Me

Finals season is here, which means copious amounts of stress and hours spent studying. A lot of work is still yet to be done, so here are some short activities to do in-between studying to ease the stress of finals and get you one step closer to summer.


Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 3.55.58 AM.png
Credit: Medical News Today

Just take a second to breathe! Finals can be overwhelming, so practice some breathing exercises to de-stress and get your head in the right mindset. Having these short moments to yourself can clear your head, help you relax, and keep pushing through studying!


Credit: Gravity Fitness

After sitting for long periods of time, it’s a good idea to take a few minutes to prevent your muscles from getting stiff. Stretching can help prevent our muscles from getting tighter as we age, and it also promotes joint mobility. So keep moving and relax your body and mind.  

Take a Snack Break

Credit: Good Eggs

Sometimes time gets away from us, and we get so involved in studying that we forget to take care of ourselves. Go make yourself a snack and step away from the books for a bit! Chips, fruits and vegetables, hummus, a granola bar, candy – eat whatever you need to give yourself a break and indulge a little.

Talk to Your Friends

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 3.58.55 AM.png
Credit: Getty Images

Talking to your friends and the people around you can sometimes be the best thing to do. They will be able to understand your situation and help you de-stress from the heavy weight of finals. Use your friends as small distractions to let your mind rest and enjoy the conversation and your surroundings.



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