GALLERY: Study Abroad Travels in Innsbruck, Rome, Vienna

By Jack Coombs


For the last time this semester, I will be sharing a few of my favorite photos from my study abroad experience. This gallery features pictures from Innsbruck, Austria, a city tucked between mountains in the Austrian Alps. Also featured are photos from the historic Rome, Italy, and Vienna, Austria.


This is from the Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal Worlds) near Innsbruck. Swarovski is a global crystal jewel company who operates this crystal museum and campus in Austria.

sam pano

Pictured on the left is my friend Sam who I traveled to Innsbruck with. We got this great view of the city by taking a railcar up the mountain.


dunkel beer

These two  photos were taken on top of a mountain at a ski resort restaurant. We couldn’t see down, but instead got this crazy visual from being above the clouds.


innsbruck park

At any spot in Innsbruck, you can look up and see snow-capped mountains – even in a park on a warm day.

Circus Maximus

This is Circus Maximus, once an ancient Roman chariot racing stadium, now a public area in Rome. On the right you can still see remnants from the once massive stadium.

row boat

We were walking around this park in Rome and found this pond with paddle boat rentals.


Rome was a gorgeous city absolutely filled with historical landmarks. We were exhausted after our four-day excursion.

city hike

jack city hike

The weather has been absolutely beautiful in Vienna recently, so we took advantage by hiking around the surrounding hills. We were rewarded with this incredible view of the city.


I would like to thank everyone for following me along my experience abroad this past semester. Being able to post my favorite photos for The Spread has been a great outlet for myself. While I’ve been enjoying my time in Europe, I can’t wait to be back on campus next fall to continue making content for The Spread. Three years down, one more to go. I’ll see you then!


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