Top TV Shows That Are Only On Hulu

By Maddie Sievers


I have a confession: I am a binge-watching television junkie. I have subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, and I constantly bounce between the three of them to watch my favorite shows. Up until a few months ago, though, Hulu was the streaming service I used the least. The only reason I even got a Hulu account in the first place was because it comes free with my Spotify student account. However, I finally decided to test the waters because I discovered it was the only platform that offered access to my favorite sitcom of all-time, Seinfeld.

At first, I was annoyed by the ads, but I quickly got used to them and soon I didn’t even mind them. After finishing Seinfeld, I began exploring what other shows might available on Hulu that weren’t on Netflix or Amazon. There are many Hulu originals, of course, but here are my favorite popular shows that can only be found on Hulu right now!


Hulu 1
Credit: TBS

As I mentioned before, the “show about nothing” is what got me hooked on Hulu. If you’ve never watched Seinfeld before, you’re sure to get lots of laughs out of this show that is largely considered the greatest sitcoms ever made. I guarantee you love every single one of the episodes, which finds comedic gold in the everyday lives of iconic characters Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer.

Will & Grace

Hulu 2
Credit: Rosanna Arquette

Another iconic 90’s sitcom is the adventures of lovable, goofy Grace and her best friend Will. This show, which is currently in the second season of its revival series, played a large role in bringing gay culture (through Will and Jack’s characters) to the forefront of pop culture at a time when it wasn’t as largely accepted as it is today. You will fall in love with hilarious secondary characters Karen and Jack and the sweet, supportive relationship between Will and Grace.

How I Met Your Mother

Hulu 3
Credit: IMDb

This gem was removed from Netflix in 2017, but luckily, it was snatched up by Hulu so you can still binge watch the legend – wait for it – ary show any time you want. Surely you’ve seen this show that tells the tale of how Ted Mosby finds his spouse, but if you haven’t, then you’ve just got to watch the hilarious and heartwarming adventures of not only Ted, but also Marshall, Lily, and Barney.

30 Rock

Hulu 4
Credit: Amazon

Like How I Met Your Mother, this show chronicling the mishaps of the fictional NBC writer Liz Lemon was removed from Netflix a few years ago. This hilarious TV show about a fictional TV show makes me crack up at the ridiculous characters played by funny people Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Jane Krakowski, and Tracy Morgan.


Cover image credit: TechNadu.


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