Spring Cleaning 101: Dorm Edition

By Kendall Job


Let’s get real for a minute: dorms can be pretty gross sometimes. Regardless of whether you’re a clean or a messy person in regards to your living space, it’s important to dedicate a few hours a day to thoroughly cleaning your dorm once the time rolls around to leave for a school break. Consider going through this list before you leave for summer break so you can bring things home you no longer need at school, making moving out in the next few months much less of a hassle!

Your Bed

Credit: sainsponsel.com

The first thing to address is your bed. Being a college student, you likely try to change your sheets every month but probably only actually do it when you think about it once or twice a semester. Wash your sheets and mattress pad and consider throwing your comforter or duvet cover in the washer (or at least the dryer), too. Getting into a completely clean bed at the end of this spring cleaning day will make it all worth it!

The Fridge

A refrigerator, if left unattended for a while, can get pretty gross. Take everything out, throw out old or expired food items, and wipe it all down with Clorox wipes or with Windex and paper towels, if you have them. Food odors can fill up the inside of the fridge and drinks can spill inside, so take good measures to make sure it’s completely clean.

Your Desk

Credit: Pinterest

Chances are, your desk has become a hub for clutter since the beginning of the school year. If it has a drawer, go through everything inside. Throw out what you no longer use or need,  such as pencils without erasers and receipts from first semester food deliveries. Then, reorganize what’s left in a way that will make sense to you so that you can find everything when you need it.

Your Bathroom

If you have your own bathroom or share one with suitemates, start by wiping everything down. Starting with a clean space, go through your toiletries, makeup and hair products. Anything that is old, not in use, or dirty, throw out! Again, this makes less stuff for you to have to pack up at the end of the year. The more you can get rid of or bring home early, the easier the moving out process will be.

Your Closet

Credit: Pinterest

If you’re a clothes hoarder, really consider this one! Look at each item in your closet and think about the last time you wore it. Make three piles – one to keep, one to take home, and one to give to friends. If your roommates want to spring clean their closets as well, consider swapping items! Anything you don’t currently wear, like seasonal clothes, put into an extra duffel bag or suitcase so you can bring it home over a break or weekend trip home. This way, you will have much less to take home for the summer.


Hopefully these simple tips will make your spring cleaning process go smoothly and help make moving out of your dorm at the end of the year that much easier!



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