How To Handle A Breakup Like A Champ

By Dave Soto


Credit: YouTube

It splashes over you like a wave of sadness. Maybe you knew it was coming, maybe you thought that it would last a little longer. Whatever it is, it hurts. Yeah, breaking up isn’t the worst thing one could possibly go through, but it sure does feel pretty bad in the moment.

People say things get easier with age. In my case, especially with relationships, getting over them certainly has gotten easier. After digging deep down, I’ve concocted a list of a few rules to help you through the next time you go through a rough period.

Rule #1: Get out and breathe.

Ice cream and Netflix on the couch can be a great combination under better circumstances, but after a breakup, that’s not what you’ll need. Once you plop down on and start that show, there’s no assurance you’ll get up. It’s better to just go for a walk and free your mind. Especially out here in the good old Champaign-Urbana area, there is lots of open air to take in if you need to get away from your mind for a while.

Rule #2: Understand why it’s over.

Once you’ve gotten over the phase where everything is terrible, it’s important to understand why your relationship is over. Long distance? Lack of communication? Your goal in this should not be to blame yourself or try and woo your partner back, but to get to know yourself better moving forward. This can be an opportunity for you to better yourself.

Rule #3: Take initiative.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to take up a hobby or do learn a new language. Well, sometimes all you need is a sign to pursue your long-stalled dreams. Let this be your sign. There is never a wrong time to do what you love, but that post-breakup motivation can really be everything.


So there you go, in three steps, you can turn your situation into an opportunity for self-discovery and improvement. It may be easier said than done, but nothing is impossible when you’ve got the power of self love on your side.



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