4 Trendy Things You Need for Perfect Spring Outfits

By Yuhan Ma


Spring, in my opinion, is the most fashionable time of a year. It gives the perfect temperature for you to show off your sense of style without worrying about extreme temperatures leaning in any direction. Unlike in winter when you have to cover yourself head to toe with that giant black parka, or in summer when most of the times only one single article of clothing, like a dress, is the most you can put on yourself, spring offers you the chance to mix and match different pieces to achieve your unique fashion style. Spring can surely be about floral blouses and dresses, but it can be far more than that as well. Here are some trendy fashion items that are easy to style, and might be able to offer you some new insights of your daily wear for this spring.



Credit: CR Fashion

Blazers are perfect for you on those chilly, windy spring days. Plaid is probably the most trendy style of blazers right now, and I think it can easily match with so many kinds of outfits and aesthetics. This light beige blazer with grey plaid makes a great accompaniment to the striped shirt inside. The straight leg jeans give the outfits more of a sense of casualness. This is a look perfect for work or school.


Credit: Baijiahao

If you want to have a bit more fun with your blazer, match it with a mini skirt like the Chinese musician Nana Ouyang! This black skirt adds a more girly and feminine sense to the look. Showing your legs also visually makes you look taller. Try out this look next time you are going out with your friends!


Credit: Fashion Gum

If you are wearing a colorful shirt on the inside, a pure colored blazer will be a great choice to go with it. This way, it avoids making your outfit look overly colorful and dramatic while creating a nice visual balance. White is one color that goes well with everything and is also a great choice for spring.


Maxi Dresses

Credit: Top Dreamer

To me, no other fashion item can represent elegance better than maxi dresses. They shape your body’s curves in the most elegant way. They can be gentle, sexy, fierce, classy – really whatever you want. This black leather jacket, for example, makes both a great contrast and a nice balance with the maxi dress. The idea of “hard” and “soft” making the perfect companion together is presented in this look.

Credit: Sassy Daily

Denim jacket is the ultimate staple choice when it comes to matching and styling. This denim jacket with the dark blue maxi dress make the most effortless going-out look for the daytime. Pairing a shorter jacket with maxi dresses also makes your waist line higher, lengthening the bottom half of your body.

Credit: Closetful Of Clothes

Maxi dresses also look great with oversized sweaters. With soft and gentle colors like white and light grey, this look is perfect to show your feminine side. On a calm weekend day when you want to spend your time at a bookstore or a coffee shop, this outfit combo will perfectly accompany that vibe.


Wide-Leg Pants

Credit: The Fashion Spot

Wide-leg pants are an extremely friendly option if you are not so confident about your leg shape. Whether you would like your legs to look straighter or taller, wide-leg pants offer you the most stylish solution. Plus, it’s so easy to pair with your other clothes. Simply match it with cool shirt, and you are ready to go.

Credit: Le Fashion

Sometimes less is more. When your pants are already drawing lots of attention with their color and/or print, a white shirt will probably be the best to match for them. With the simplest colors and elements, you can still be effortlessly stylish, which is a look that is super “in” right now.


Ankle Boots

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset
Credit: The Heart’s Delight

Ankle boots are not only for fall and winter. A lot of them can become good friends with your spring wardrobe as well! With a pair of red high-heel ankle boots and a red leather skirt, this girl on the photo is going all-out bold. What a powerful look! If you are tired of boots with brown, black and beige colors, a pair of ankle boots with a vibrant color might give your wardrobe just the surprising twist you need to totally freshen up your look.

Credit: Your Next Shoes

These black ankle boots that Gigi Hadid is wearing are so unique. To show off the design of these boots, she matches them with a pair of ankle jeans. A crop top hoodie shows her body shape perfectly, making the outfits look casual but not boring. Ankle boots can be both simple, and statements, depending on the color and accents.



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