Welcome to the March Issue

March 2019 Featured Image


Dear Readers,


The days are getting longer and sunnier, and winter storms are (hopefully) now a thing of the past. With the first official day of spring later this month, we are excited to welcome March to campus with our latest issue!

Since this month is known for a certain lucky holiday, a section of this issue is dedicated to all things St. Patrick’s Day. Reminisce on some fun St. Patrick’s Day-themed activities you may have participated in during kindergarten or elementary school, or whip up a homemade version of the popular Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s using an at-home recipe. March will also be home to our much-anticipated spring break, which you can prepare for in advance using our guide for stress-free packing, as well as fun things you could potentially do within the state of Illinois!

Speaking of traveling, we have also been proud to feature the sights and experiences of one of our staff members abroad in Europe this semester. For a taste of some beautiful architecture and attractions in Bratislava, Budapest, and Prague, look no further than this month’s featured gallery.

Since this issue goes live on the start of Unofficial weekend, we also want to take a moment to wish you a fun weekend if you choose to participate – as well as a safe and responsible one. From everyone on The Spread’s staff to you, we wish you a wonderful month of March, a relaxing spring break, and continued success in your classes and life pursuits! Use the coming of spring as a fresh start to invigorate and inspire you to chase your dreams.



Madison Gillespie, Editor-In-Chief



Credit for image used in featured graphic: Popsugar

Featured graphic created by Madison Gillespie.

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