Making Green Clothing Chic for St. Patrick’s Day

By Haniya Ghazi


Green is the color of the season right now with St. Patrick’s Day coming up fast. However, green is not always the easiest color to wear in a fashionable way. So here are some ideas of how to incorporate green into your outfit this holiday and still keep your chic style.

1. Try out different shades of green.

Credit: Sunshine Style Blog

While the bright St. Patrick’s Day green is not always the most fashionable color, you can easily remedy this by changing up the shade of green that you wear. Try out more of an emerald or other darker shades of green, which are much more stylish. This simple variation in color can help you stay in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day spirit and be just as fashionable!

2. Spice things up with a jacket.

Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest

A great way to include a tasteful amount of green into your outfit is by throwing on a green jacket! Jackets are the perfect way to look chic while still spicing up your outfit with just the right amount of green. Try wearing solid-color pants and a simple shirt, then layer on a stylish green jacket to create the perfect outfit for the holiday while looking good at the same time.

3. Add a scarf.

Credit: Pinterest

No matter what holiday color you need to incorporate into your outfit, whether it be St. Patrick’s Day green or Valentine’s Day red, a scarf is the perfect way to do so! You can wear the simplest outfit but toss on a green scarf to easily look stylish and celebrate.

4. Green sweaters!!!

Credit: Pinterest

Oversized knit sweaters are all the rage, and can be a super stylish way to incorporate green into your outfit this St. Patrick’s Day. Simply pair a knit sweater of any shade of green with dark jeans to look picture-perfect this St. Patty’s Day.

5. Accessories

Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest


Credit: Pinterest

Green accessories can also add a little something extra to your St. Patrick’s Day look. Headbands, jewelry, and hats are just some of many options out there to help add some color to your outfit while keeping with your chic, fashionable style.



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