4 Tips to Reduce the Stress of Packing

By Mariah McBride


Credit: Parade

The thought of going on a vacation this spring break probably excites you, but the thought of packing for that trip surely does not. Let’s be honest, packing can be stressful. So here are four tips to make sure that your time spent packing is as stress-free as the trip you take this vacation season.

1. Make a list. Check it twice.

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As soon as possible, grab a piece of paper or go to the notes section on your phone and make a detailed list of every item that you could possibly need while on your spring break get away. When making this list, it is very important that you keep the local weather and your trip itinerary in mind. For instance, if you plan to be on the beach every day in the sunshine state, and the weather says that it will be 85 degrees, then you might want to make sure sunscreen, several swimsuits, and stylish shades are on your list.

2. Start packing early.

Credit: Sazan

After you make your list, start packing those items. So many people, including me, have fallen victim to waiting until the day before to start packing. Speaking from experience, this is one of the worst things that you can do. I know with exams, club meetings, and homework it seems like your time is limited, but I can assure you that taking 15-30 minutes a day to pack will work in your favor in the end. Think of it this way: the later you start packing, the more likely you are to forget something that you need, and the less time you have to make one more mall run for an item that you don’t have at home.

3. Play with basics.

Credit: Pinterest

No matter how hard you try, your whole wardrobe cannot fit in your suitcase. Not even half of it. You know this, and I know this, but we still attempt to pack as much as possible. Yes, I understand. One of the most frustrating parts of packing can be sacrificing some of your clothes, especially when you want to have options to look fashionable. Luckily, I have one tip that can give you more outfit options without paying for or bring another luggage item. All you have to do is pack mostly basics. Yes, basics! Something as simple as a white shirt can fit into several different looks. You can dress it down and wear it with a pair of shorts or jeans. You can even put it under a dress for more of a vintage or 90s’ feel. The point is, there is so much you can do with one basic item, so bring them and get creative.

4. Use a different packing method.

Credit: The Indie Traveler

Lastly, the common complaint when packing is “My suitcase will not fit everything I need.” While in some cases your luggage might actually be the problem, there are many scenarios when the person packing is. Often, our folding techniques prevent us from utilizing all of the space we have. In order to prevent that, I suggest you watch videos on different packing methods such as stacking front to back, rolling, or even bundling. And if those methods still don’t work, go invest in compression packs or packing cubes. One of these methods or items should help you save space.



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