Small Business Spotlight: Hopscotch Bakery + Market

By Yuhan Ma


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As a sugarholic, I am always exploring for nice bakeries around Chambana. No matter how many stores I’ve tried, Hopscotch is my all-time love that I can never say no to. One of the reasons why I think running a bakery is a fascinating job is because it not only sells sweets, but also happiness and joy. For me, Hopscotch is the guy I would date on Valentine’s Day, and the best girlfriend I would go out with for Galentine’s Day. Hidden in a neighborhood off campus, this little gem always offers the dreamy sweetness and warmth I need to survive the snowy weather.


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The moment you step inside, you will know how much thought the owner has put into this nice and cozy place. The pink chairs and tables outside, the handwritten-style menu boards, and the different flavored marshmallows in big mason jars for people to customize their drinks – all these small details make every second you spend there an enjoyable and pleasant experience.



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Their cheesecakes are always my go-to option when I come here. I have not found a cheesecake from any other bakery with a texture similar to the ones from Hopscotch, and I just can’t  get enough. Unlike other cheesecakes that are denser and creamier, theirs has the softest, airiest texture I have ever experienced. It melts as soon as it goes into your mouth.


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The Chia Bowls are also something I have been enjoying lately. They become my choice for a meal whenever I want a healthy and refreshing lunch. The coconut chips, berries, and chia seeds make for the the most colorful and tasty companion; meanwhile, it provides me with the energy sufficient to finish my day. They are also gluten free and a great vegan option.


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Wednesdays are delightful for Macaron lovers, for the macarons in Hopscotch are only $1 each every Wednesday. These adorable little chubbies are gluten-free and come in different flavors that change each week. While Oreo is my absolute favorite, the “Orange Dream” macarons have become a new favorite recently because I love their hint of sourness.


Credit: Instagram


Meanwhile, Hopscotch’s Truffle Noir hot cocoa is the perfect drink for hardcore chocolate lovers. Extra dark drinking chocolate mixes with steamed milk and a housemade chocolate truffle at the bottom. You can either swirl it around to make your drink taste even richer, or save it for the end and eat it with a spoon. This fancy cup of hot cocoa will definitely warm your body and heart on a snowy day.


Credit: Instagram


Besides regular daily menus, Hopscotch also accepts cake orders for occasions like weddings, birthdays, and any other kind of celebration. Their cake designs are the best I’ve ever found in Chambana area, and each cake is a stunning work of art. Here are some of their most recent works:



Credit: Instagram


Make sure to follow Hopscotch Bakery + Market on Instagram at @hopscotchcakes!


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