Having Friends With Different Political Opinions

By Dave Soto


Credit: Colton Winters via Twitter


Earlier this month, Twitter went into a frenzy over a picture of two young men, one in a MAGA shirt and the other in a Beto For Senate shirt, with the caption “At the end of the day, always remember that friendship is always more important than politics.” I would describe myself as someone who is very left-leaning, however, my two best friends are fiercely conservative, so, naturally, this really got me thinking.

Disagreement is a natural part of relationships of any nature, but the addition of politics into the mix is something that tends to destroy bonds. I love my friends to death, but it’s hard for me to fully embrace them when a lot of the things they advocate for directly affect me as a human. I imagine that many of those who felt negatively toward this tweet felt so because they have been ostracized before due to their political opinions. When disagreements erupt into name calling and bitterness, it’s for the best to get out of that friendship. Often times, it can be a warning for what could eventually turn into a toxic relationship full of irreversible anger.

Thankfully, my friends have always tried to be courteous about our debates. I value our friendship and, despite not agreeing with them politically on much at all, they’ve helped build me into the best version of myself possible. I could understand why a person would not want to associate with someone who doesn’t agree with them politically, but to lose someone important in your life is no small issue. This is something that we should all put thought into.


Credit: Colton Winters via Twitter


Featured Image Credit: TheBlaze

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