Fun Indoor Dates for a Snow Day

By Emily Tao


cozy date
Credit: WordPress

Turn snow days into fun date nights with your significant other. While being snowed in,  make the most of your night and connect with your partner through fun activities. Here are some things you can do to stay warm while enjoying each other’s company!


1.) Play board games.

Credit: Pinterest

There are so many options to choose from when playing board games! This would definitely be a fun idea when stuck inside all day on a snow day. You can even switch it up and rotate the games you play.


2.) Watch (Hallmark) Christmas movies!!

xmas movies
Credit: Your Sauga

Watching Christmas movies all day is a must every winter, so you might as well watch them while you’re inside with your date. Share each other’s favorite movies and watch them, or expand from your comfort zones and choose new films to watch together.


3.) Cook dinner together or bake. 

Credit: Kim’s Cravings

Cooking and baking together can be a fun, intimate indoor date! Look up your favorite meals and get together in the kitchen and cook. It will be a fun experience and in the end, you get food out of it!


4.) Toast marshmallows and drink hot cocoa by the fire.

Credit: Twitter

Another romantic indoor activity is toasting marshmallows by the fire and or drinking hot chocolate. You can snuggle up together with blankets, enjoy a hot drink, and stay warm after a long and cold winter day.


5.) Build a gingerbread house.


Let your creative side come out through this fun date idea. For an extra element of excitement, you also could turn this process into a competition! Each person can customize their gingerbread house to their style, and you will each get a nice treat out of it once finished.


6.) Build a fort.

Credit: Imgur

Let your inner child come out by making a fort this winter. Add blankets, lights, and bring your own snacks so that once you’re done, you can sit back, relax, and watch a movie inside!


7.) Put together a puzzle.

Credit: Bits and Pieces

There’s nothing more satisfying than finishing a puzzle, so why not share this experience with your partner on a date? Doing puzzles is also a great way to see how you and your date can work together to solve it.


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