Easy Workouts to Do at Home

By Clare Kocher


Credit: NBC News

Whether it’s too cold to get to the gym, you have one too many exams coming up, or a gym membership is out of your budget range, these handy exercises will help you stay fit. No matter which muscle group you’re concentrating on, this variety will help keep your muscles toned. All you will need are a pair of shoes and your athletic wear.


Credit: The Knot


  1. 30 jumping jacks
  2. 15 squats
  3. 15 jump squats
  4. 15 walking lunges
  5. 30 jumping jacks



  1. 20 sit ups
  2. 30-second plank
  3. 20 toe touches
  4. 30 bicycles


Alternate between sets, completing each a total of three times. It’s completely normal to customize the amount of repetitions you do as you build up muscle and gradually become able to do each three times through. Make sure to keep consistent breaths, especially in set two, which is concentrated more on abdominals.


Credit: BroBible

After doing this for a few weeks, you’ll start to notice the results without hurting your wallet or even leaving your home!


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