10 Artists Who Released Amazing Albums in 2018

By Indira Midha


2018 has been a wild year in the world, and an awesome one in terms of music. Here are 10 of my favorite albums that were released this year!


1.) Ariana Grande, Sweetener


Credit: Wikipedia

Spotify Link to Album


Ariana has been all over the news throughout this year due to tragedies in her personal life, but this album is equally buzzworthy. It features a variety of upbeat pop songs with empowering messages, many specifically aimed at young girls. This album is a must-hear.


2.) Drake, Scorpion

Credit: Target

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This album has something for everybody – rap, rnb, the silly “In My Feelings” challenge, and even a collaboration with the late Michael Jackson.


3.) Shawn Mendes, Shawn Mendes


Credit: Bol


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We see a completely new side to Shawn in this album, and his fans have been completely here for it. The teenage heartthrob sheds light on important issues that both he and many of his fans face, such as anxiety disorders and anger toward the issue of gun control in the United States. It also features some amazing collaborations.


4.) Elle King, Shake The Spirit


Credit: Amazon

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Elle King is commonly known for her smash hit “Exs and Ohs,” but this album proves that her vocal powerhouse deserves more recognition. She is wildly talented, and her lyrics are extremely empowering for independent women navigating their personal relationships.


5.) Rosalía, El Mal Querer


Credit: Album of the Year

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Most non-Spanish-speakers have never heard Flamenco music, but Rosalía has paved her own path by fusing Flamenco with urban and pop music. She’s a really unique artist making a name for herself in the international market; remember her name!


6.) Logic, Bobby Tarantino II


Credit: Vulture

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Logic’s rap is always so meaningful and empowering; the man did it again.


7.) Camila Cabello, Camila


Credit: Access

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This was Camila’s first solo album post-Fifth Harmony. She put out a great mixture of fun pop songs with Latin flavors, and heartfelt ballads that always seem to put listeners directly in their feels.


8.) Charlie Puth, Voicenotes


Credit: Twitter

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There is just something always groovy about Charlie Puth’s music. His beats are infectious and bound to get stuck in your head, and they are so good that you won’t mind. This album is full of a wide range of collaborations across different genres. Catch features from Kehlani, Boyz II Men and James Taylor, all on amazing tracks.


9.) Jessie J, R.O.S.E.


Credit: Singersroom


Spotify Link to Album (Realisations


This album was divided into four EPs: Realisations, Obsessions, Sex, and Empowerment. Each part is filled with brutal honesty in every lyric, and I cannot get enough.


10.) J Cole, KOD


Credit: Amazon

Spotify Link to Album


J Cole’s music has always been catchy with a few meaningful tunes per album, but I definitely think this one was especially loaded with expressive songs.



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