Welcome to the November Issue


November 2018 Featured Image


Dear Readers,


It’s officially time for the start of November! With the sugar rush of Halloween having just worn off, the main focus around campus has shifted to making it through the last bit of school before Thanksgiving break. In two short (yet seemingly long) weeks, many students will be able to spend a week at home, devoting their time to seeing loved ones and friends and hopefully not having to think about schoolwork. It will be exciting to have some time off, especially for those of us – myself included – who have not had many chances (if any) to go home. I hope you all have a wonderful break and lots of fun plans, regardless of if your family celebrates Thanksgiving!

In terms of this month’s issue, The Spread never fails to deliver on content relevant to the season. Work up an appetite as you read through some comfort food recipes with unique twists, perfect to cook up as the days get colder. If you will be apart from your significant other this season, take a look at our guide for some fun ideas to make your next long-distance care package the highlight of their day. With the fall-to-winter transition period also comes cold and flu season, so also make sure to familiarize yourself with our tips on best, everyday practices to avoid illness and ways to boost your digestive health.

We are also excited to announce the return of some popular series this month. Check out the latest installments of Monthly Favorites, What’s in my Makeup Bag, and our Fall 2018 photo gallery!

On that note, I hope you enjoy reading through the November Issue and all the other goodies it has in store. Best of luck with your upcoming projects and midterms over the next few weeks, and may you have a fun, relaxing Thanksgiving break.



Madison Gillespie, Editor-In-Chief (and #1 Fan of mashed potatoes)



Image used in featured graphic originally from Willowbrook Nurseries. Featured graphic edited and created by Madison Gillespie.

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