The Best Place For A Quick Lunch Between Classes

By Clare Kocher


Mia Za's Logo
Credit: Twitter via @MiaZasOnGreen


If you ever find yourself with a bit of time between classes, your stomach rumbling around the lunchtime hours, look no further than Mia Za’s.

Located at 629 East Green Street in Champaign, the cute Italian eatery is the ideal spot in between the bustling Quad and the further away restaurants that are available. The service is quick, the quality of the food is high, and the options are vast. On top of of this, many good deals are available.


Credit: Yelp


Mia Za’s offers a classic mix of pizzas, salads, pastas, and sandwiches, as well as a variety of soups that change. They are also known for their Create-Your-Own option, allowing you to grab a crayon and a piece of paper with a myriad of ingredients to bring your own food ideas to life.

Mia Za’s prides themselves on their dedication both to high-quality food and speed. On their website ,they tell customers to “give us four minutes or so and we will have it ready for you. We strive for fresh food at a fair price made fast.” In my own experience, my dishes have always been very delicious and I have never been late for my next class.

If you are hoping to get some work done prior to entering your next lecture hall, Mia Za’s is also a great study environment. With reliable wifi and ample space both upstairs and down, you are always able to find a nice, relatively quiet space to get to work. You can plug in your phone or computer to charge at any one of their booths for your convenience.


Mia Za Storefront
Credit: AllEvents


As well as eating simply inside of the restaurant between classes, Mia Za’s also offers options for delivery, online ordering, and even catering for various events.

So for the next time you’re looking for a quick and wholesome bite to eat, walk on over to Mia Za’s Italian eatery for an experience you’ll be sure to repeat.




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