GALLERY: UIUC’s Fall 2018 Transformation

By Jack Coombs


Within one week, our campus turned from 70 and sunny to 50 and rainy. It may be time to pack away those shorts and T-shirts, because fall looks like it’s here to stay. I took a leisurely stroll around campus on a sunny Sunday, headphones on and camera in hand, to take some pictures of our campus adjusting to the new season. Here they are:


Foellinger Auditorium


My first stop was the main quad, where the sun was peeking out behind Foellinger auditorium (with a pretty intense lens flare on the left).


Red leaf
Red Leaves


Found a little tree on the east side of the Main Quad, leaves in full fall red.


Eng quad
Engineering Quad


My next stop was the Engineering Quad, where I snapped this panorama right next to the river.


yellow tree
Yellow Tree


I then made my way over to the east side of campus, where a few trees behind CRCE had fully changed color.


North pond
North Pond


A little farther down the road was this nice little pond area, with the surrounding foliage beginning to change color.




Another panorama of the pond.


Illini Grove
Illini Grove


I then made my way into Illini grove, where the leaves hadn’t yet changed but the bright colors couldn’t help but catch my attention.




Some old leaves on the ground of Illini Grove.


Orange leaf
Orange Leaf


I began to make my way back to campus via Gregory Drive where I passed the South Quad, where some trees lining the sidewalks had changed.


South Quad
South Quad


I ended this photo excursion with a panorama of the South Quad.


Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 3.34.03 PM
Map of Walk


In total, I hit around 8,000 steps on my self-guided campus tour. While the weather is still manageable and the campus looks pretty, I recommend a little leisurely stroll of your own. Enjoy this until it gets too bitterly cold to even walk to class!



All original images courtesy of the author.

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