Affordable, Trendy Clothing Stores For the College Budget

By Indira Midha


trendy college budget clothes
Credit: Original Image


College is the time of our lives in which we all have a tight budget. That being said, we all still want to like the clothes that we wear. I love trying out new trends, as well as having a variety of different clothing pieces to choose from in order to create the perfect outfit for any occasion that may come up. With not a lot of money to spend, this can seem like a hefty asking. However, over the years I’ve developed a love for these four stores that have trendy clothing, affordable prices, and a wide availability of sizes.


1.) Forever 21



Credit: Forever 21’s Instagram (@forever21), via @emilyrosdahl


Most college students will tell you that this is their go-to. Forever 21 is known for its incredible range of different types of clothing. From preppy, to hipster, to grunge, to athletic, Forever 21 always seems to have something that can satisfy your needs. Additionally, the store carries good basics, like leggings and V-neck tees, for under $6. Having a bunch of different-colored basic shirts is always good when pairing with trendy or statement pieces, like bottoms, jackets, or scarves.


2.) Boohoo


Credit: Boohoo’s Instagram (@boohoo), via @vanessaevelynh


This British brand brings a bit of young European style to American audiences. I love the sleekness of European styles, and I really enjoy finding cute statement pieces at Boohoo. They always have great crop tops, skirts, and dresses for going out, whether it be for a more casual setting or an event that calls for dressing up a bit. The site also frequently has 50% off sales.


3.) Rainbow Shops


Credit: Rainbow Shops’ Instagram (@rainbowshops)


This is one store that I had never heard anybody talk about. It is definitely the least expensive of the four. Rainbow is a good place to check out when you want to try a trend that you are unsure you’ll like. I feel like this store can be a bit more hit-or-miss than the rest on this list, but if you have patience while sifting through the website, you could find some good, unexpected steals!



4.) Rue 21


Credit: Rue 21’s Instagram (@rue21official), via @msyerxiong


Rue 21’s style is similar to Forever 21 with a bit less variety, but it is my secret weapon when it comes to trying new trends. The sale section is incredible. I bought a knockoff Teddy Coat last winter for $15, and a really trendy embroidered caged bikini last summer for $12 per piece! The prices are truly unbeatable, and I have really enjoyed the quality of the products I purchased for how inexpensive they are.



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