What’s in My Skincare Routine?

By Maddie Sievers


Skin Care Cover
Credit: Pexels


Having a defined skin care routine is crucial to having confidence in the way your skin looks and feels! Before I developed a routine for my skin, I was far more prone to frequent breakouts and red, blotchy skin. By discovering a few products that work well for my skin type and using them diligently, my self-confidence has soared and I feel beautiful even without any makeup and in clothes that show off my skin. While I tend to have oily, sensitive skin that easily breaks out, I encourage you to learn your skin type and develop the skin care routine that works best for you!


Face Wash

Skin Care 1
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Whenever I wash my face, I use a gentle cleanser to remove oil from my pores. I love Cetaphil because it is incredibly gentle and works well for all skin types. This Gentle Foaming Cleanser is great because it comes in convenient foaming pump, so I don’t have to lather too much. Plus, it feels very refreshing on my face.


Acne Body Wash

Skin Care 2
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No matter how much you deny it, bacne can be a real struggle! To combat breakouts on my back, legs, and chest, I use this Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub. It has gel beads in it and works up a great lather, so I feel like it’s really working hard to get rid of blemishes. This product is especially great during the winter, when my skin isn’t exposed to as much sun to help my skin stay clear. Neutrogena is my favorite skin care brand for acne because their products are gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet are tough on breakouts.


Moisturizer & Night Cream

Skin Care 3
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A staple in my skin care routine, Aveeno moisturizers are the “one” product I can’t go without! In the morning, I apply a thin layer of Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer underneath my makeup. It prevents breakouts and has SPF, so it makes a huge difference wearing it every day. At night, I apply Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream to my face and neck, and I always wake up with vibrant, hydrated skin. I love using Aveeno products because I know they are made with natural ingredients, such as their Total Soy Complex.


Acne Spot Treatment

Skin Care 4
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If I have any trouble spots or stubborn acne, I apply a few dabs of Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment over top of my night cream before I go to bed. It zaps zits really fast so I don’t have to stress about using extra concealer under my makeup to cover them up.


Pore Strips

Credit: Target


This is something that I don’t use very often, but if I’m starting to get visible blackheads on my nose, I like to use Biore Deep Cleaning Pore Strips to get rid of them. All it takes is a few minutes, and my pores are like new again. Plus, it’s weirdly satisfying to look at all the gunk the pore strip pulls out of your skin.


Face Masks

Skin Care 6
Credit: Target

Once in a blue moon, I like to pamper myself by applying a face mask and taking a hot bath! Since it’s too expensive to buy them on a regular basis, I typically wait until the Que Bella face masks at Target are on sale and grab a couple. There are a lot of different types, including pore minimizing masks, mud masks, and clay masks. I wouldn’t say these make a huge difference in the way my skin looks and feels, but it’s fun to have a DIY spa day every now and then.


Lip Care

Skin Care 7
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I have the bad habit of chewing my lip, so I take extra care to consistently use extra-strength lip balm. I like Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment because it’s no-nonsense and does the job of repairing my lips fast so they don’t look really chapped after picking at them.


Shaving Cream

Skin Care 8
Credit: Amazon


I used to just use soap to shave my legs, but after trying out shaving cream I’ve never gone back! It makes such a huge difference in keeping my legs moisturized and preventing them from looking dry and scaly. However, because my skin is so sensitive, I have to take care to use something gentle enough. I try to avoid overly scented products and look for natural ingredients, which is why I like the Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel.


Body Lotion

Skin Care 9
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Usually, strongly perfumed products irritate my skin, but the Aqua Cool Aloe Lotion from Bath & Body Works surprisingly works really well for my skin. It has aloe, so it’s soothing after being in the sun, and does a great job of hydrating and smoothing. I find that it helps to apply this to freshly-shaved legs, and it even prevents stubble from growing back as quickly.


Hand Lotion

Skin Care 10
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Last but not least, I try my best to keep my hands soft and moisturized! If I don’t use any lotion on them, they tend to get dry and cracked, especially in winter. I love using Citrus Bliss hand lotion from Doterra (an essential oils company) because it serves as a kind of aromatherapy every time I put it on. For on-the-go, I love using eos hand lotion because it comes in a perfectly-sized bottle that I can stick in my purse or backpack.



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