YouTubers of the Month: May 2018

By Riley Corboy


I feel like I’m always stumbling across amazing new channels, and I love sharing them with as many people as possible. So sit back, prop open your laptop, and prepare for some good content!


Lindsey Rempalski








Credit: @lindseyrem on Instagram


Lindsey is a woman of many talents. She studies graphic design at Chapman University, creates content on YouTube, makes art, and has interned at cool places like Too Faced (as well as interning abroad in London this upcoming summer). I first found her through her graphic design portfolio video, and was drawn in by her insane talent as well as her chill, laid back personality. She has great style (her IG feed is drool-worthy) and mainly makes makeup and fashion-related videos, but has been incorporating more graphic design and lifestyle content into her mix.


Check out her sophomore graphic design portfolio:




Emma Chamberlain








Credit: @_emmachamberlain on Instagram


It’s really hard to describe Emma Chamberlain, both as a person and as a creator. If I had only three words to use, I would call her funny, original, and over-caffeinated. Emma is still in high school, although she doesn’t attend a traditional school anymore and instead does her work from home. She is hyper (but not in the fake, over-enthusiastic way that a lot of YouTubers are) and is very real in her videos: she doesn’t wear makeup, which is awesome, and is always roasting herself. I find myself actually laughing out loud while watching her, and her audience has grown by half a million since I discovered her in December.


Watch her legendary coffee recipe (that she drinks in almost every video):




Manuela Baron








Credit: @thegirlgonegreen on Instagram


Manuela is a zero-waste champion! She has given a Ted Talk about sustainability, makes videos all about minimizing our impact on the planet, just graduated college, and recently embarked on a solo trip around Asia. She is documenting her journey on Instagram, describing it as a “solo eat, pray, love” kind of trip where she takes each day at a time. Often, she doesn’t know where she’s heading next until her Visa expires, which forces her to rely on the local community and make friends across the globe. Manuela has also been meeting other zero-waste activists as she travels, collaborating on videos and other projects.


See her video about her year-long trip:




Anna Russett








Credit: @annarussett on Instagram


While you may have heard of her sister, Andrea Russett, Anna keeps it a little more low-key. She works at an ad agency in Chicago, and in her spare time, she makes videos about social media, business, travel and her life. She is a passionate advocate about causes close to her, like the #MeToo movement, and has a great critical mindset. One of my favorite miniseries she made was critiquing the way different businesses, like Glossier, use social media.


In this video, she buys and tries out the first five things Facebook recommends to her:




Clarissa May








Credit: @clarissamaay on Instagram


She isn’t the first person you’ll find if you look up “Clarissa May” on YouTube, but I stumbled across her channel completely by chance and fell in love with her art. Clarissa doesn’t post very often, but when she does it’s a masterpiece. Her short mini film “We Went Away.” perfectly captures the nostalgia of missing good times with your best friends. She has such a unique artistic angle and these films are like climbing into her brain for a few minutes. Highly recommend.


Watch “We Went Away.” below:






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