Six Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

By Maddy Talbert


1.) A Regular Nighttime Routine


Credit: Wareable


One of the best ways to fall asleep quickly is having a set nighttime routine. Going through the same motions and going to sleep at the same time every night trains your body to fall asleep. However, regular bedtimes can be hard to achieve (especially with work or school), so read on for more tips.



2.) Scent the Room With Lavender or Damask Rose


Credit: Oil Diffuser Zone


Both of these scents can be used for aromatherapy to help you fall asleep. The smell of lavender or damask rose can relax nerves, lower blood pressure, and make you feel more relaxed overall. Smelling lavender or damask oil before going to bed for even just a couple minutes can help. Try using an oil diffuser to infuse the room with these scents.



3.) Cool the Temperature


Credit: Ambient Edge


Setting your room to a cool temperature between 60 and 75° F can help facilitate sleeping. As you fall asleep your core body temperature drops, and having a cool environment is the best condition for sleeping.



4.) Progressive Relaxation




Similar to meditation, progressive relaxation helps the body to relax. You can do this on your own, or YouTube also has videos to guide you through the process. Starting with your toes and working your way up the body, you slowly tense and relax each muscle.  



5.) Journaling




Although this may seem silly or like a middle school diary, journaling has been found to help reduce stress and anxiety, both of which can cause sleep disturbances. Journaling about your day and focusing on positive thoughts or events that occurred can help clear the mind and improve both sleep time and quality.



6.) Take a Hot Shower


Credit: Tumblr


Similar to number 3, taking a hot shower an hour or so before going to sleep can help facilitate sleeping. As your body cools down from the shower, your brain is signaled that your body needs to sleep and will slow down your heart rate and blood pressure.




Featured image is from Tumblr.

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