Monthly Favorites: May 2018

By Maddie Sievers


Credit: Every-Tuesday





Credit: Pexels



If you’re willing to wave goodbye to long locks, there’s no better time to chop it off than in the spring! Soon the weather will be hot and sunny, and having a lot of hair can get in the way and make it even more difficult to stay cool. A long bob, or “lob,” is cute, trendy, and the perfect way to change up your hairstyle for the summer months.


Fun Hair Ties


Credit: Girls on the Grid (GOTG)


No matter what length your hair is, now is the time you’ll want to keep it up and out of the way, since the weather is nicer and you’ll generally be more active. There are so many trendy hair tie options, and May is the perfect time to try them out! A couple popular choices are curly plastic ones (which look like phone cords!), scrunchies, giant lobster clips, and fabric knot ones. An added bonus is that many of them will not leave a dent in your hair after taking them out, making it super easy to switch between wearing your hair up and down.


Iced Drinks


Credit: The Pioneer Woman


After a long and cold winter, we’re all tired of endlessly drinking hot beverages. The weather is finally warm enough to sip on all the iced teas, coffees, and frappes we can get our hands on! Make sure to check out seasonal specialty drinks from all the coffee shops on campus, like Espresso Royale, Starbucks, and Einstein Bros.


Summer Break


Credit: Pexels


You’ve surely been counting down the days, but in case you haven’t: May is the month that summer break begins! After finishing finals and wrapping up all the hard work that has been poured into the semester, a three-month break will be a welcome relief.


Spring Shopping


Credit: Eluxe Magazine


Whether you need new clothes for an upcoming summer internship, are updating your wardrobe to reflect new trends, or are in need of beachwear for a summer vacation, May is a great time to hit up your favorite stores for new clothes and accessories. This is also a fun way to treat yourself after finals week!


Being Outside



Credit: OneClass


Snow followed us well into April, so May will hopefully, finally, bring nothing but nice weather! This means going on walks or jogs, lounging on the Main Quad, and even studying outdoors.





Featured image is from Donegal Woman.

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