Global Desserts to Try This Summer

By Rachel King 


Mochi (Japan)


Credit: Kirbie’s Cravings


Mochi is a small rice cake, often filled with red bean paste and dusted with cornstarch. A wide variety of mocha exists, from plain vanilla to adventurous matcha. The tiny cake size allows for convenience in taking bite,s as does the ability to eat them with just your fingers. Be careful when eating them; you may not be able to stop!



Bibingka (the Philippines)


Credit: General Mills


Bibingka is a coconut rice cake, very similar to the texture of mochi. However, if you’re not a huge fan of coconut, don’t scroll away just yet. The cake tastes only a little of coconut and has more of an indescribable, yet pleasurable flavor. Everyone should give it a try.



Dragon’s Beard Candy (East Asia)


Credit: Travel Gluttons


Originating in China, this sweet treat has spread to many other countries throughout Asia. It is white in color and consists of fine strings made from corn syrup and corn flour wound around a filling of your choice, typically nuts, coconut or sesame seeds. The unique texture alone is enough to make someone want to try this candy.



Cannoli (Italy)


Credit: Food Network


Though it is one of the more well-known items on this list, many people still haven’t tried cannoli. The delightful contrast of the crunchy shell and thick, creamy center is the treat’s main appeal, making it practically impossible to have just one.



Tres Leches Cake (Mexico)


Credit: Pillsbury


This delicacy involves the mixture of three different milks: evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy cream. The spongy cake absorbs the milk and keeps it moist, ensuring you will come back for more. Can you think of a sweeter, more refreshing way to end your meal?



Gulab Jamun (India)


Credit: YouTube


With a name that translates to “rose berries,” it’s not hard to guess what this dessert tastes like. These donut-like spheres are soaked in a sweet, warm rose syrup and just melt in your mouth.



Malva Pudding (South Africa)


Credit: African Bites


Malva pudding is not pudding at all, but rather a cake that is caramelized on the outside yet moist and cakey on the inside. It is topped with a chocolate sauce that permeates the surface, further moistening the center. The apricot flavor in the cake and the chocolate work together harmoniously.



Toscakaka (Sweden)


Credit: Arla


If you like caramel and almonds, then toscakaka is the cake for you. Its buttery, moist flavor is enriched with the caramel, and the texture provided by the crunchy almonds makes the dish more enjoyable overall.



Nanaimo Bars (Canada)


Credit: Genius Kitchen


Three delicious layers stack up to create a tasty dessert. The first layer has a crumbly texture, with graham crackers, a hint of coconut, and cocoa powder amplifying the chocolate flavor found in the top coat of ganache. Sandwiched between the chocolate exteriors is a creamy custard filling, which successfully counteracts the rich cocoa flavor and results in a heavenly combination.



Brigadeiros (Brazil)


Credit: Epicurious


Three traditional baking ingredients are all that is needed for these rich truffles: butter, chocolate, and sweetened condensed milk. Cover the balls in sprinkles or another topping you enjoy, and you’re done! Whip up this dessert for your next dinner party and watch them disappear before your eyes, quicker than you can even say “brigadeiro.”



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