GALLERY: Dawn and Dusk Across Campus

By Jack Coombs


As college students, we tend to be night owls. Sleeping in until noon after a 3 a.m. study session, a little too much fun at Kams, or a Netflix binge all seem to contribute to our anti-morning attitude. So, when was the last time you got up and saw the campus while the sun was rising? Here’s what you may be missing:








Bell tower


Sun tower




Dusk is a time that I’m sure is a lot more familiar to us, but either way, here are a few pictures:


Penn ave


State farm




The semester is coming to a close, so get out there early or stay outside until late and watch how the changing of the sun affects our beautiful campus. It’s a sight you may not see for a few months after you go home!




All photographs were taken by the author.

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