YouTubers of the Month: April 2018

By Madison Gillespie

Whether you’re doing some spring cleaning to your subscription box or are just on the hunt for some new channels to follow, here are some YouTubers to become obsessed with this month.


Ashley Nichole


Credit: Instagram (@ashnichole_xo)


Ashley is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle guru from Los Angeles, California. She resides there with her adorable Malshi puppy Chloe and her younger sister Alisha Marie, a fellow YouTuber in the lifestyle community. Ashley and Alisha often make appearances on each other’s channels, and it is always fun to witness their goofy antics whenever they’re together. That being said, I equally enjoy Ashley’s individual videos. She’s very down-to-earth, always cheerful, and gives great advice on everything from traveling to boosting your happiness and confidence. She’s like a cool older sister you never knew you needed.


Here is one of my favorite videos from her, in which she goes over her best tips for packing with only a carry-on.




For some fun sisterly antics and laughs, also check out this collab between Ashley and Alisha, in which they try to “transform” into each other:





Kelsey MacDermaid and Becky Wright (The Sorry Girls)

Credit: Instagram (@thesorrygirls)


These Canadian best friends are taking the DIY world by storm, one chic yet totally doable item at a time. From furniture to clothing to jewelry, there seems to be nothing these ladies won’t try to make! And their end products are gorgeous – you would never guess these items did not step off the pages of an Anthropologie catalog, or cost a fraction of the price to make.

In addition to filming the process of creating each project, more in-depth instructions are posted on the Sorry Girls’ blog so that everyone can try out their DIYs. Kelsey and Becky also often re-share their viewers’ own DIY attempts on social media, making for a positive and connected fan community.


One of the Sorry Girls’ newer series involves them recreating expensive home décor from popular stores. This particular episode is centered on Urban Outfitters:





Kelsey Simone

Credit: Instagram (@k.els.e.y)


Everything about Kelsey’s videos – and Kelsey herself – is so aesthetically pleasing. Her minimalist, black-and-white style; her confident yet bubbly and sweet personality; and her retro-chic wardrobe make her a refreshing addition to any subscription box. Most of Kelsey’s videos are also around 10 minutes or less, making her a great YouTuber to watch on the go. She’s the sort of person you could watch a 30-minute video from without batting an eye, but these shorter clips allow you to appreciate her content even more.


My favorite videos from Kelsey are about fashion. Here are two quick style guides from her on how to get luxurious looks for less, and how to create several outfits from only a few articles of clothing.





Jazmin Whitley (Closet Raid)

Credit: Instagram (@jazminwhitley); YouTube


Ever wondered where your favorite YouTubers like to shop or wanted a closer look at their clothes? Through this fun and lighthearted series, now you can! In each episode of Closet Raid, Jazmin, an L.A. stylist and fashion editor, tours the wardrobe of a YouTuber or celebrity, asking them about their personal style. Every item in the guest’s closet, from their clothing to shoes to accessories, is featured, and everything is discussed in a candid way. The result is an intimate, lively interview experience that makes you feel as though you’re there, too.


One of the latest episodes of Closet Raid actually features Alisha Marie, Ashley Nichole’s sister!





Cassie Masangkay and Ricci Pamintuan (ToThe9s)


Credit: YouTube


I just discovered this pair, and I’m already hooked on their channel. Everything about the way they edit their videos, from their animations to choice of music, is so modern and fresh. They also both have an amazing sense of style, and their lookbook videos are seriously on trend. If you’re into upscale athleisure and streetwear, you’ll definitely be able to draw some fashion inspiration from these two.


The first ToThe9s video I watched is their “One Brand Outfit Challenge,” in which Cassie and Ricci attempt to purchase head-to-toe looks from only one store (in this case, Ross). Their final outfits don’t look like anything you’d expect from a discount retail chain.



Also, if you’re interested in seeing one of their more artistic videos, watch this “Outfits of the Week” video they created for Sephora Collection:






Featured image is from The Sorry Girls’ website, which you can visit by clicking here!

One thought on “YouTubers of the Month: April 2018

  1. I love Ash nicole!Everyone says that she got famous because of Alisha,but I truly find her editing atyle and everything unique ans awesome.Love this blog-post,this inspires me to write my own version of this!Keep writing awesome stuff.

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