The Spread’s Official 2018 Fashion Forecast

By Riley Corboy


Rainbows, tigers, and diamonds – oh my! Across the globe, Fashion Week touted its best and brightest looks and, by the look of things, Fall 2018 is going to be anything but boring. We present to you our official guide to the best trends you’ll want to stock up on in the upcoming months.





Credit: Vogue


It’s hard to go wrong with near-neutral animal prints, but for this fall we are seeing an upswing in one particular animal. All hail the tiger!


Flecks of Faux Fur


faux fur

Credit: InStyle


Faux fur is no longer just for jackets. Although, we do love the warmth those statement pieces provide – faux fur accents could be spotted in a majority of designers’ Fashion Week lines. Keep your favorite faux fur piece out of storage so it will be within easy reach for this fall.


Taste the Rainbow


bright color

Credit: London Fashion Week; Mirror


Despite the cooling weather, Fall 2018 is going to see a massive surge of color! This season, we will not be retreating into our muted neutrals and bland dark tones. Instead, we will proudly wear a wonderfully wacky mix of colors, as bright as the eye can handle. Embrace it.


Bye, Bye, Ms. Nice Guy (Er, Gal?)


leather coats

Credit: Fashionista


Floor-length leather coats were sweeping runways (pun intended) everywhere during Fashion Week. These are such statement pieces that it almost doesn’t matter what you wear underneath; these bad boys could make even pajamas look tough. The only downside? They will probably cost an arm and a leg (and maybe even the other leg, if we’re being honest). Definitely a splurge!


Fancy Candy Wrapper


candy wrapper

Credit: Business of Fashion (BoF); Vogue

Think aluminum foil, but make it fashionable. If you’ve ever wanted to look like a pretty candy wrapper, fall will (quite literally) be your moment to shine.


Anti-Social Blanket Chic



Credit: Fashionista; Women’s Wear Daily (WWD)

Some say the clothes we wear are what we want to project into the world. Let’s be honest, sometimes we would rather be in bed wrapped up in our cozy blankets instead of facing real-life responsibilities. With these outfits, you can take your blankets with you!


Gnarly Neon Supreme



Credit: Fashionista; Fashionista


Neon colors, spandex and puffy sleeves? Oh yeah, the ’80s are roaring back to life this fall season. Keeping in line with our other trends like bright colors and loud accent pieces, ’80s maximalism is going to bring some interesting pizazz to everyone’s wardrobe. Talk about making a statement!



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