Music for Those Rainy April Days

By Maddy Talbert


Credit: GIPHY


When the rain begins to beat a steady rhythm on your window, it’s a good time to slow it down and think about your life. Take some time to contemplate about the world and how you feel, and let go a little. Let the rain and the music wash away any troubles you have.


You can listen to the following playlist on our Spotify account by clicking here.


Youth – Daughter

Saturn – Sleeping at Last

Down in the Valley – The Head and the Heart

I Have Made Mistakes – The Oh hellos

White Blank Page – Mumford and Sons

You There – Aquilo

If I Go, I’m Going – Gregory Alan Isakov

The Night We Me t- Lord Huron

Flesh and Bone – Keaton Henson

Tenenbaum – The Paper Kites

I Can Feel Your Pain – Manchester Orchestra

Snowship – Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Blood – The Middle East




Featured image is from Toneworks Music Therapy.

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