Fun Things to Do This Summer if You Don’t Have an Internship

By Rachel King


Credit: Ticketmaster


1.) Go to a concert.

Concerts are always a good move; you get to sing some of your favorite songs with close friends, as well as new friends you meet in the heat of the moment. Don’t forget about the thrill of the entire experience, either. The only downside to concerts is the cost, so make sure to save up your pennies for at least one this summer.



Credit: Body and Mind


2.) Take a road trip.

Road trips are the best way to bond with your friends. Sightseeing paired with inside jokes and jamming to the radio makes for a fun adventure you’ll surely remember in the years to come.



Credit: Britannica Kids


3.) Visit an aquarium and/or zoo.

Get in touch with your wild side with a day surrounded by your favorite animals! Visit adorable penguins in the tundra, majestic zebras in the savannah, clever monkeys in the jungle, and all the silvery fish in the sea.



Credit: Family Circle


4.) Cook something new.

You know those dishes that are so pleasing to the eye and you can tell would taste like heaven, but that you’ve never had the time or motivation to make? Well, put on a “Kiss the Chef” apron and take a trip to the grocery store, because now is the time to make that dish. Also, make sure to take a picture of your creation – no one will believe you if you don’t.



Credit: Food Network


5.) Perfect an old favorite dish.

Pick any classic food you’ve made a few times before (like chocolate chip cookies, for instance) and experiment a little in the kitchen with the amount and selections of your ingredients. Try melted butter in one batch and cold butter in another; baking powder in one and baking powder and soda in the other. You will have a lot of dishes to clean, but you’ll also get many delicious cookies from it, as well as one perfect recipe to share with posterity.



Credit: Mia mandarina blog: Inicio


6.) Do some DIY projects.

There are so many cute projects constantly popping up on Pinterest and Etsy. Redecorate your room with unique lighting fixtures and aesthetic shelving; spice up some picture frames with flowery borders; or even sew your own pillow. You have the extra time, so why not use it in a creative and productive way!



Credit: The Stranger


7.) Visit a museum.

Add some intellect into your days, because you know you miss learning at least a little bit (even though you won’t admit it). Broaden your horizons through a trip to an art or history museum. Believe it or not, you might – and likely will – find something interesting.



Credit: Pixabay


8.) Go swimming.

It’s finally bikini season! Grab your most stylish bathing suit and take a dip in the nearest ocean, pool, lake, or whatever body of water suits your fancy. There’s nothing more refreshing than cool water on a hot summer day.



Credit: Skydive Newport


9.) Try out something new.

If you’re looking for an event to make this summer stand out from all the rest, then think of something you’ve always wanted to do but have never had the time or guts to accomplish. Whether it be skydiving, ballroom dancing or running a 5K, muster up your courage and go for it!



Credit: Onedio


10.) Learn a new skill.

Though summer is technically a break from school, you should never stop learning. It’s the time to keep improving yourself and your skill set. Be proactive and start taking up a new language, navigating computer applications like Photoshop, or becoming more informed on what’s going on in the world so you can be an educated citizen.



Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Credit: Pexels


11.) Spend some time in nature.

Take advantage of the warm weather by hiking on a challenging trail, going on a bike ride, or breaking out the fishing pole! If it helps you get tan, then chances are it’s a good outdoor activity to definitely engage in.



Credit: Groupon


12.) Host a barbecue.

Gather up a group of your closest friends and grill up some fresh, tender cuts of meat. You can also “health-ify” your dish by throwing in some seasonal veggies like zucchini, eggplant, or mushrooms. The mouth-watering, smoky aroma will bring the whole neighborhood to your yard.



Credit: Anoka Halloween


13.) Have, or go to, a bonfire.

Whip out those handy Girl or Boy Scout fire-sparking skills and build a flame big enough to burn marshmallows for s’mores, along with graham crackers, Hershey bars, and maybe even Reese’s if you’re feeling adventurous.



Credit: Tolstoy Therapy


14.) Stargaze.

Save this activity for you and your significant other on a quiet night with a clear sky. Do some constellation homework so you can show off your skills when the two of you are curled up together.





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