Fun Moms Weekend Activities

By Kelli Walker 


Mom’s Weekend is coming up, and you want to show your mom a good time, right? After all, she did all that hard work giving birth to you. Here are some fun things for you both to do this upcoming “holiday!”



Credit: Groupon


1.) Illini Union Specials

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like food? Better yet, who doesn’t like a sale?

On Mom’s Weekend, you get to go to your favorite food spots at the union and leave smiling about how much you saved! The union is offering 50 percent off any sweets at Einstein, a family deal at Sbarro’s Pizza, and more. So if your taste buds are calling for your attention, then the Illini Union is the perfect place to dine with your mom.

Check out more here!



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2.) Bowling or 5K Run

Who doesn’t like a little competition every now and then? If you come from an athletic family, then challenging your mom in a game (or three) of bowling is the best way to go. It could be a winner-takes-all situation. Another solution for those competitive nerves is a race where everyone wins. This 5K run is open to anyone and serves gratitude to our Illini veterans.

Find these events here and here.



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3.) The Moms Association Annual Meeting & Awards Presentation

Being a mom is far from easy, so it’s amazing to get rewarded for it. Although a mother’s job is never done, this Moms Association event is an award that shows it takes a phenomenal woman to do all this work!

Find more info here! 



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4.) The Moms Association Annual Moms Weekend Brunch

Did you think the celebration stopped there? Absolutely not! The Moms Association has many events planned for mothers, and another one of those is a special brunch to enjoy.

So do not hesitate to go online to claim your spot… and don’t forget seconds!



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5.) The Show Must Go On!

There will be a lot of shows going on. In fact, some of these performances include the Black Chorus, Malignant Humor Festival, the 63rd Annual Flower and Garden Show, and Krannert’s performance of Much Ado About Nothing for those who love Shakespeare.

Check out the shows here, here, and here.



Credit: Pinterest


6.) Your Own Mini Concert

Maybe not literally, but who knows what a night of karaoke can do for your singing career? That is why the Illini Union is hosting a Mom’s Night Out, Karaoke Edition.

Have a favorite song, or better yet an original? Make the stage your spotlight and the university’s campus your musical gift. With no RSVP needed, the only requirement is your attendance.

Find it here.



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