Early Morning Music and Study Tips

By Elaine Sine


Credit: Wikipedia


Early morning study sessions have been one of my habits as a student since middle school. I was never the type of person who could pull an all-nighter unless it was for an absolute emergency. I found myself to be much more productive if I gathered as much sleep as I could before getting my work done in the morning. The ambience of daylight filtering through the windows and into my room made me associate the brilliance of studying with the brilliance of the sunrise. Not only do these songs help to motivate my morning studying, but this playlist will give you that extra boost to utilize your time in the mornings as efficiently as possible.


Upbeat Songs:

“La La” by The Cab

“The Girl” by City And Colour

“Rhythm of Love” by Plain White T’s

“Vivir Mi Vida” by Marc Anthony

“Almost Like Being In Love” by Nat King Cole


The first suggestion I have for studying in the morning is to stay awake, which is definitely easier said than done. Do whatever you have to: Brush your teeth, eat chocolate, make coffee, or whatever else pops into your mind to get moving and energize yourself. I found these songs to be helpful in doing so; they make you want to dance or do something that will distract from the sleepiness.


Cheery Songs:

“Snow in Venice” by Elizaveta

“Je Cherche Un Homme” by Eartha Kitt

“Toothpaste Kisses” by The Maccabees

“Her Morning Elegance” by Oren Lavie


These songs will not put you to sleep. It’s important to start the day with as much energy as you can to be productive in your work, and music is an outlet for such gains. The peaceful atmosphere these songs create is also great while waiting for the sun to rise, too.




Featured image is from Pinterest.

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