Best Apps for Getting Discounts at Campus Restaurants

By Melanie Smith


Credit: Vangroup Education


We all love eating out at the great restaurants on campus, but eating out every day really adds up. With these apps, though, you can eat out much more often – and all without breaking the bank!


1.) Hooked


Credit: CU Independent


Hooked is great for checking out nearby restaurants! Since it’s location-based and has a lot of deals for local businesses, it’s amazing for finding hot deals when you’re out and about. Tons of restaurants on Green Street participate with Hooked, as well as much of the surrounding campus area. Participating restaurants include Rosati’s Pizza, HuHot Mongolian Grill, Burrito King, and many more. Be aware, however, that Hooked deals only last for a limited time – so make sure to take advantage of its discounts while you can!


2.) Moocho


Credit: UW Badger Hints


Moocho is a hot new entry into the discount app family! When you connect your card through Moocho, you can use the app to pay with your card at any participating location, similar to Apple Pay. The difference is, when you buy through Moocho you earn points that you can put towards discounts and deals. If you’re ambitious enough, you can even save up your points for an Airbook or iMac. Participating restaurants include Potbelly, Chipotle, County Market (hey, sometimes we just need groceries!) and many more.


3.) Franchise Apps


Credit: Hip2Save


This category isn’t specific to any one application, but rather the apps that chains like McDonald’s and Domino’s use for their ordering and rewards programs. These apps have some of the best deals all day every day, and many of them offer point systems for even better deals as you go!





Featured image is from Saving Sampler.

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