YouTubers of the Month: March 2018

By Yuhan Ma

This month, we are introducing some unique YouTubers who create great content in different areas. Each one has a very distinct style that you will not easily forget about after watching their videos. So take a look at these creators who will surely bring more fun to your subscription page!


A.I. Channel


ai channel
Credit: Know Your Meme


This is probably one of the most unique creators you will see on YouTube! This animated, 16-year-old Japanese high school girl is a creation of artificial intelligence, which is why her channel name is “A.I.” She is often called “Ai Chan” by her fans, because that is a cuter way to call girls in Japanese. While Ai Chan is not the first artificial intelligence idol girl from Japan, her funny character is what makes her so popular and has helped her gain over a million subscribers worldwide.

Many people expect this artificial intelligence girl to be super smart and capable of playing any video game, but she often gets silly and makes mistakes when playing games during live streams, always causes lots of laughs among viewers.

Besides video games, Ai Chan does a lot of other things in her videos. So browse her channel, and she will always bring you new surprises.


Here is her latest video, in which she talks about her favorite movies:




PONY Syndrome


Credit: Daily Vanity 


Pony is my all-time favorite makeup artist. I have been watching her videos ever since I started doing makeup, and at that time she didn’t even have her own YouTube channel. She is probably the most famous makeup artist in Asia, and now her popularity has spread to so many different parts of the world.

Pony is a Korean makeup artist, and she is extremely talented. So many viewers have been astonished by her makeup transformation videos, where she easily transforms her face to match Western makeup styles like those of Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner. This is usually hard to do, because Asian faces have different bone structure from Western faces. Moreover, she has created so many gorgeous makeup looks for a variety of viewers. She has a great taste in beauty, and every time I watch her do makeup, I always learn some awesome tricks to help me do my own better.


This is her Taylor Swift transformation video, which is the most popular video on her channel:




Jenny Mustard


Credit: Vintage Vegans


Jenny Mustard is a YouTuber you will never forget about once you enter her channel. Her videos tell you everything about her minimalist, vegan lifestyle. White is her channel’s main color, and all her video thumbnails are kept very simple with titles in clear black font.

In her videos, she talks about why she doesn’t want kids and why she doesn’t have eyebrows. She also shows you how to make easy and healthy organic meals, as well as what kind of exercise she does to keep fit. Jenny is such a cool person who lives with her own opinions and leads her own lifestyle. She has brought so much inspiration to her viewers.


Here is a video of her talking about what minimalism means:




Yuka Kinoshita


Credit: Pinterest


There is only one thing Yuka Kinoshita needs to do on her channel: eat. Nine and a half pounds of curry and rice, 11 pounds of pasta, 10 pizzas… you never know what she is going to eat next! There is a super huge stomach inside of this petite girl, and no one knows where her limit falls. It is always enjoyable to watch her eat since she enjoys every bite of her food, from the very first bite to the very last. Next time when you don’t want to have lunch alone, why not open one of her videos and eat together? Yuka has the magical effect of making your own food even tastier.


Here she is eating 13 pounds (6 kilograms) of instant noodles:






Featured image is from Pinterest.

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