Why Shamrock Shakes are the Best Part of March

By Madison Gillespie


Credit:  Best Chocolate 2017


The best beverage you can get this month is back, in all its fluorescent green glory! Combining the decadence of soft serve with the fresh zest of mint, the Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s is the season’s perfect drink. Available only in the weeks prior to St. Patrick’s Day, the Shamrock Shake develops quite the following each year, and for good reason. Here are some reasons to visit the McDonald’s on Green Street and get one today!



Credit: Tenor GIF Keyboard


1.) They’re sweet yet refreshing. 

McDonald’s has amazing milkshakes year round. Their chocolate and vanilla soft serves are smooth and rich, and the sweet, fluffy whipped cream just melts on your tongue. These same milkshakes are the base of the Shamrock Shake, so that alone indicates you’re in for a treat. And while regular McDonald’s shakes can be a bit heavy, the minty syrup in the Shamrock Shake has a refreshing aftertaste, leaving you feeling not quite as full. In fact, you may even go back for seconds!



Credit:  Love, Jaime


2.) They taste equally delicious in both vanilla and chocolate.

Although the chocolate version of the Shamrock Shake looks a bit like mud with radioactive grass, its flavor palette works just as well as the original vanilla-mint combination. The original Shamrock Shake is probably your best option if you want a lighter dessert, since the mint flavor becomes much more apparent with the vanilla base. The chocolatey goodness of the other shake is better for when you need an energy boost, although you could never go wrong with one of each.



Credit: LusciousPlanet


3.) Their vibrant color and fun sprinkles will brighten your day.

There’s no doubt the syrup in these shakes is too green for its own good. But despite the obvious food coloring, there is something very cheerful about this drink. With how dreary the weather has been the past several weeks, we could all use a little more color in our lives (and cups!)



Credit: Bamboo Core FitnessCreme de la Crumb


4.) The recipe is fairly easy to recreate yourself!

The Shamrock Shake may be limited edition, but fortunately, there are plenty of copycat recipes online. While many websites offer their own versions of the shake, the ingredients remain fairly simple. Just get a tub of your favorite vanilla ice cream and some mint extract, green food coloring, and whipped cream (and chocolate syrup, if you want a chocolate Shamrock Shake), and you can enjoy this dessert year round!


However you enjoy the Shamrock Shake, this drink is sure to do anything but disappoint!



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