The Best “Green” Makeup Brands

By Maddy Talbert


Credit: Zazzle


In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we have put together a compilation of “Green” makeup brands. These brands will be either natural ✿, vegan Ⓥ, or cruelty-free ♡.



1.) Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) – ♡


Credit: Byrdie


ABH is one of the best high-end brands that is also cruelty free. While ABH offers a variety of makeup products, some of my favorites are the dipbrow pomade, glow palettes and eyeshadow palettes. The dipbrow pomade stays on well and helps create a bold, defined brow that still looks natural.

ABH also has a variety of glow palettes that suit warm, cool or neutral skin tones. They create a beautiful highlight and can also double as eyeshadows or even lipstick toppers for a unique and iridescent shine. The eyeshadow palettes contain a multitude of unique and beautiful shades that can be used to create stunning daytime and nighttime looks. The shades are quite pigmented,which means there is lots of color payout with even a small amount of product.

Their Prism and Subculture palettes may take some time getting used to because the colors are so vibrant and blend differently. However, I found that I was able to find the right technique after practicing a couple times with the palettes (a very light touch is needed, and the brush should only be tapped lightly in the product).



2.) Lime Crime –  Ⓥ ♡


Credit: The Beauty Junkies


Lime Crime is a 100% Vegan and Cruelty free makeup brand. They offer a variety of lip products, hair dyes, eyeshadows, and highlight palettes. Matte lipsticks are one of my favorite products from Lime Crime, as they offer both everyday colors and fun, bold shades like purple, blue and green. These lipsticks dry down evenly and do not excessively dry out your lips like other matte lipstick formulas.

In terms of their hair products, Lime Crime’s hair dyes are semi-permanent and don’t contain any harmful chemicals or bleach. These dyes also come in an array of fun colors, as one can tell from the line’s name, “Unicorn Hair.”


3.) Yes To Inc. – ♡ ✿ (95% natural ingredients)


Credit: Interbrand


This brand is primarily known for its facial care products, but it does offer body, hair and lip products too. Some of their well-known lines are Yes to Tomatoes and Yes to Cucumbers. This brand has specific lines for each skin type, from sensitive to dry and everything in between. The best products from this brand are definitely their facial wipes and cleansers.



4.) Dose of Colors – ♡ Ⓥ (Majority of Products)


Credit: ULTA Beauty


The liquid matte lipsticks from Dose of Colors are my favorite brand of matte lipsticks. The formula is smooth, does not flake and lasts all day. There are many beautiful reds, pinks, purples and neutral tones available. All of their liquid lipsticks are vegan, and products are clearly labeled whether they’re vegan or not on the website. Dose of Colors also offers makeup brushes and eyeshadow duos and palettes (the eyeshadows are not vegan, but the brushes are!)



5.) Kat Von D Beauty – ♡ Ⓥ (Vegan products marked #VeganAlert)


Credit: XO Rebecca Louise


Kat Von D Beauty is cruelty free and offers a variety of makeup products for the skin, eyes and lips, many of which are vegan. Their tattoo eyeliner lasts the entire day and is both waterproof and transfer resistant. The foundations and concealers from Kat Von D Beauty also provide great coverage, perfect for covering up tattoos for a job or for everyday use.



6.) Lush Cosmetics – ♡ Ⓥ (100% Vegetarian, 80% Vegan)


Credit: Teen Zone Magazine


Lush has everything from makeup to skin products to bath bombs. Most people are familiar with the brand’s bath bombs, which smell delightful and make taking a bath much more colorful and exciting. Lush also has a great sugar scrub for your lips, which helps remove dry and dead skin cells without any harm. Their skin products are great for sensitive skin, and are highly moisturizing.



Here are a few extra drugstore brands to check out:

1.) E.l.f cosmetics – ♡

2.) Wet n Wild – ♡ Ⓥ (Vegan products are marked)

3.) Pixi – ♡

4.) Physicians Formula – ♡




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