Outfits Incorporating the Color Green for St. Patrick’s Day

By Melanie Smith


Credit: Family Education


Valentine’s Day has passed and St. Patrick’s Day and Unofficial are already upon us, meaning we’re now moving from the color red to green. Whether you want to go all out and rock the color green in your whole outfit or just add a dash of green to celebrate, here are some ways to achieve the perfect festive look.  



Credit: College Fashion; Amazon


The best approach is to keep your outfit plain and then add green or St. Patrick’s Day-themed accessories. Choose a deeper-toned green to keep the holiday spirit, rather than a shade that’s too bright. Adding a green bracelet, heels or crossbody bag will make you look festive, but the best part is these are wardrobe pieces you might already own and wear.

On the day of St. Patrick’s, if you want to wear a more classic holiday look, incorporate some fun accessories! Wear headbands, hats, sparkly green bows or ribbons – just go wild with it. There are so many accessories available at party supply stores and even Target!  


Credit: CherryCherryBeauty; CherryCherryBeauty


These outfits are so wearable and stylish, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and Unofficial. If you are going to be out shopping for a green piece to wear, opt for a green flannel or a green plain sweatshirt that can also be worn for different occasions. These pieces will also work going into spring, so you have an outfit for the day as well as for many days going into spring and summer. You could wear ripped jeans, high waisted jeans, green Converse, or even simply paint your nails green – the possibilities are endless to create the ultimate fashion inspo look.

Additionally, for Unofficial, many shops around campus sell shirts and sweatshirts specifically for the holiday, pieces that many students choose to wear. You can easily pair one of these items with your favorite jeans and other green accessories to look your best for Unofficial and St. Patty’s Day alike!




Featured image is from Pinterest.


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