Monthly Favorites: March 2018

By Maddie Sievers


March is a fun month, especially at the University of Illinois! Here are some of its best parts.


Shamrock Shakes


Credit: Smile Politely


For true McDonald’s fans, March is synonymous with the limited-edition Shamrock Shake! This year, McDonald’s was kind enough to make them available in select locations as early as February 12. As if these neon green treats weren’t tempting enough, the campus McDonald’s is centrally located caddy-corner to Alma Mater, making it even more difficult to resist splurging.




Credit: Kokefm


The beginning of March is always ushered in by the University’s most infamous celebration: Unofficial Saint Patrick’s Day. Yes, it’s surrounded by controversy (shirts plastered with Chief logos, drunk students, and so on), but many still enjoy day drinking for hours on end. While we’re no longer the number one party school, U of I students still know how to have a good time (The administration might say a little too good of a time). Have a fun and safe Unofficial, everyone!


Pi Day


Credit: Luscious Planet


Pi Day takes place on March 14 in honor of the first three numbers of pi (3.14). This is a great day to appreciate all the Illinois math majors – after all, the University of Illinois Mathematics program is one of the top in the country! Another great way to celebrate is to indulge in the homonymous with the word pi (pie, of course).


Spring Break


Credit: King Arthur Flour


Spring Break 2018 is from March 17 to March 25 for U of I students! Whether you’re taking a trip, staying right here in Chambana or going home, enjoy the week-long break from classes!


Saint Patrick’s Day


Credit: Pexels


The official Saint Patrick’s Day may not be as exciting as Unofficial, but it just so happens to mark the first day of Spring Break. Don’t forget to wear green!


First Day of Spring


Credit: Durable Gardening 


The first day of spring in 2018 falls on March 20. Hopefully the weather will feel like spring, too!


“In like a lion, out like a lamb.”


Credit: Pixabay


An old saying says that March comes “in like a lion, out like a lamb,” meaning the weather goes from bad to good over the course of the month. Illinois students can look forward to green grass, sunshine (finally!) and afternoons spent relaxing on the Quad.




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